What is Redistricting?

What is Gerrymandering?

Redistricting is traditionally the re-drawing of legislative district lines after the national U.S. Census, which is conducted every 10 years. The idea behind redistricting is to ensure the population is evenly divided among districts. As population patterns change, districts need to be adjusted to ensure each district has approximately the same number of people. However, in Georgia – and many other states – the people who stand to benefit and lose the most with how districts are drawn, our elected officials, are the very people who redraw the districts. This tends to lead to a practice known as Gerrymandering, which undermines our democracy and distorts representation.

“Gerrymandering” is a common process to redraw the lines of voter districts to benefit incumbent candidates. It ultimately takes away our ability to have fair elections with an equal choice of candidates. It is used as a tool to ensure that the same results occur, election after election, causing nothing to change with our representatives. If Georgia Redistricting is led by our Legislators, many of our districts throughout the state will be left without fair choices at the polls. Legislative redistricting allows our Legislators to draw their own districts and congressional maps – gerrymandering.  This skews our democracy and can choose our candidates for us at the primary level. The current system is broken and we need to make a change.

Take Redistricting Power Away From Legislators

You can make a difference in strengthening our democracy by supporting redistricting reform!

Call Today!

Call 1-844-505-3331 to be connected to a legislator who serve on the Redistricting and Reapportionment sub-committee to request an independent redistricting commission.

Insist on Independence

When you are connected to the legislator, let them know you support redistricting reform and request an independent redistricting commission to make sure we have fair districts and real choices at the ballot box. This can be done in fewer than 5 minutes!

Attend the Hearing!

Attend the Legislative Committee meeting where the Redistricting Reform bills will receive a hearing! February 27th at 4 PM in room 307 of the Coverdale Legislative Office Building.

Why Should I Care?

  • Because of Gerrymandering, 81% of incumbents for the Georgia General Assembly ran unopposed in the general election in 2016.
  • Even races with open seats didn’t attract competition, with 82% of those seats only having one name on the November ballot.
  • Five of Georgia’s U.S. Congressional district incumbents ran unopposed, giving voters no choice.
  • When elections begin to become competitive, those in power “redistrict” individual districts every few years to ensure the incumbent remains in power.
  • This unfair, unbalanced, and undemocratic electoral system is the direct result of Gerrymandering.

Examples of Gerrymandering

Three different ways to divide 50 people into five districtis